About this music

Garden of Peace

The lyrics of this song were written by Mr. Masayoshi Okano (1935 - ), my high-school mate, who offered cooperation when informed of the landscape planning on the occasion of class reunion and took trouble of writing the lyric.

Mt. Shiraki (889 m) towering in Shiraki-cho Mita, my native district, is the highest in Hiroshima City and well known as a majestic mountain attracting a lot of visitors for mountain climbing and hiking in recent days. Garden of Peace was constructed on the land of Shimo-Otsubaki, Shimo-Mita located at the foot of this mountain. In my boyhood, many fireflies were flitting about over the shores of the Misasa River every summer creating the elegance of nighttime.

This piece of music is the theme tune of the Garden of Peace that will give listeners full picture of the garden. The first half of the song is written in a major key presenting a cheerful impression but the intermediate portion changes the key to minor recollecting the day of atomic bombing. In the latter half, however, the major key is resumed to regain brightness to make a vigorous end of the music.