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(Music) Memory of Summer

This is an event music. (A melody without lyrics.)

Memory of Summer

( Masaaki Minata Melodist)

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Introduction of composer

About this music

In the early days of my son Hideo's stay at the hospital, on the occasion he was permitted out, I used to go trips accompanied by my wife Sakiko to heal the mind of poor Hideo hospitalized due to a disease of mind, to fine spots including beautiful waterfalls and lakes within the prefecture to bring consolation to my son, besides getting the relief from the summer heat. Outward nature, watching Hideo happily enjoying the water was one of the pleasure and comfort to us two.

However, unfortunately Hideo was compelled prolonged hospitalization and our wish was not fulfilled. He passed way at the young age 39 leaving his younger brother Yasuo and parents.

To heal the mind of my wife who was deeply shocked by the death of her son and to create memories for our sunset years, I used to traveled place to place with my wife.

When we open our old albums, memories of days gone by come again with the nostalgic deeds when we were young.

I wrote this tune in order to stamp the memory indelibly on my mind.

The melody of first two bars of the tune seem like the mother son echoing of "Hideo," "Mamma" and these are repeated over again in the intervals of the melancholic melodies, as if we can still see the scenes of summer days. In addition, heart ached, disconsolate affections between the mother and son tied with a strong bond strike home to us with a thud, in contrast with flowing melodies.

It was from this occasion that my wife and son became more affectionate existence to me.

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