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(Song) Song of Wail

This is an event song (no lyric monument within the garden)

Song of Wail

( Masaaki Minata Melodist)

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(Grif of the mother,
Whose beloved child was drawn to heaven,
Will never, forever, be forgotten !
Even after she breathes her last breath.)

What a cruel, what a sad !
A girl in front of me is my daughter?
However, the voice she answered
Was a familiar and a lovely one
When I called daugther's name to her.
(Shizuyo Honji, lyricist)
What a pity !
That My daughter fell prey to the ravages of war,
To die in buds just before blooming.
(Chieko Fukuhara, lyricist)
Never forget the anger of the restless spirit,
Writhing in agony on a burning midsummer day,
Beyond human endurance to die a sacrificial death.
(Yukimi Matsuda, lyricist)
Peace has been achieved;
At the sacrifice of precious lives,
Let's get together to protect peace for tomorrow,
Let's get together to pray for the souls and peace.
(Masaaki Minata, lyricist)

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